Impossibility – something that is not able to occur, exist or be done. Any thing that is very difficult to deal with. Or a very unreasonable person. A system of ideologies that cannot equate to a realistic outcome. The instance of actually completing this project with a proposal of an impossible project is impossible.  Something that is impossible does not give the illusion that it can be complete. Nevertheless, I will attempt to begin a list of impossible proposal possibilities that are possibly impossible because they are instances of the social systems that we are currently living in and are in place by those who have agreed upon them or because of the laws of nature and physics.

Here are some impossibilities:

To End racism

To End classism

Me comprehending white fragility

Eat a nature valley granola bar without making crumbs

Handling white privilege

Handling colourisim or Ageism

Keeping my hair from getting tangled without combing it


To have wisdom without experience

It’s impossible in this moment to be born without a mother

To have an Afro without a people trying to touch it

To talk about race and not make anyone uncomfortable

to post on social media without making someone offended

to be the oldest without there being a youngest

Spending enough time with family when you come into town

Finding ways of morally punishing people for going against social norms

Completely dealing with all mental heath issues in way that helps the person it effects

Acceptance of white paranoia / passive aggression /post traumatic Negro stress

Impossible to deal with The KKK

Its impossible to think that table Salt and Sugar are the biggest killer of people of color but they are

Its impossible finding 2 ripe avocados at Whole Foods

Its impossible For Pharmaceutical Corporations to actually help dying people

Its impossible to say my issues are more important than yours..

Its impossible to re-teach art critique in this moment moving away from a universal supreme concepts in place by western rhetoric

Its impossible to look at art critically not from a European/ western scope or view

Its impossible to think about social media without avoiding family taking time to do an open forum about how you should live your life

Its impossible to think about Biggie without thinking about Brooklyn

Its impossible to think about Tupac without thinking about LA

Its impossible to think about to think about Kim kardashian without thinking about Ray J

Its impossible for me not to be a skeptic

Its impossible to think about to think of Snoop Lion without thinking about smoking weed

Its impossible to think about thinking without thinking

Its impossible to (taking apart) the white gaze

Its impossible to completely halt the exoticism of black female bodies

Its impossible to think about Jubilus White male privilege

Its impossible For me to walk into a store and at least one person not think dubious of my actions

Its impossible to Deconstruct white male subjectivity

Its impossible to think about justifying white supremacy

Its impossible to Un-code white supremacy

Its impossible to ending white supremacy without doing away with many social functions of our society

Its impossible to be upside down without the blood running to your head

Its impossible to understand and conceptualizing the double consciousness W.E.B Dubois theory without applying it to your life

Its impossible to not apply relative experience to artwork

Its impossible to do the impossible project

Its impossible to unsee our infatuation of grouping - categorizing things for our own reasons

Its impossible for People to accept change

Its impossible to Unpack ritual

Its impossible to differentiate the act of ritual and performance

Its impossible to delineate when something is improvised vs. when something is made with what’s available for necessity


The limitations of language – written and spoken are impossible

Dealing with privilege and how it deceives the under privileged is impossible

The conundrum of constant questioning is impossible

The conundrum of repetition is impossible

Defining a universal understanding of morality is impossible to

To think about Whitney Houston without thinking about crack is impossible

To choke without coughing is impossible

Ending handholding in regards to explanations of privilege or racist bias to white liberalist, theorist and academic is impossible

Having a endpoint on a list of impossible projects is impossible

Making artwork that is not didactic

Watch the news without questioning everything that’s said

Creating a “safe space”

Ending Hate

   Creating universal love


            Defining the difference between a game and a skill toy when you play with both

                                    Licking your elbow

                                                                                                are all impossible

For me to understand the lived experience of white cis men is impossible

To not yawn after seeing someone do the very action is impossible

To use a phone without Granville T. Woods invention is impossible

To keep white pants clean

To End Fear

To travel at light speeds

To stay focus in Crit Classes is impossible

Humans Flying - at this time without the help of machines and physcodelics is impossible

DJ Khaled not saying ‘we da best’ is impossible

Standing in line without seeing the person in front of you is impossible

Actual Telepathy is impossible

Sneezing with your eyes open

Trusting an art school scammer

Eating rice without uncle ben and pancakes without aunt Jemaah in America is impossible

To eat just one potato chip is impossible

Time travel without flying through different time zones is impossible

Not having credit or debt in America is impossible

Losing weight by not actively working out or a surgical procedure but by just thinking it away…. is impossible

For any work I create not be considered didactic

For any work I create not be considered political

For any work I create not be considered black

For any work I create not be considered oppressed

For any work I create not be considered ironic

For any work I create not be considered graphic

For any work I create not be considered uncensored

For any work I create not be considered emotive

For any work I create not be considered problematic

For any work I create not be considered inquisitive

To think of getting to space without the help of black female computers is impossible

For Rose in titanic to be considered a down ass bitch, after letting Jack die is impossible

For me to express my anxieties of being a black woman on a daily basis is impossible

Its impossible for me Not to mimic how rappers make it rain when the opportunity presents itself

Its impossible for you to actually make it rain… from the clouds….

Its impossible not to consider people of color when you look at most created trends that are capitalized on.

To avoid Change

To not dream

For Chris Brown to stay out of headlines

To find a means of dealing with rapist

To avoid controversy

To overlook organized crime and not take a look at the US government

To not look at the female body as a portal for new life

To not laugh at snapchat filters

To not play is impossible

Beyoncé not to being on top … all of the time is impossible

To say impossible project is not a company that manufactures instant photographic materials is not impossible…

Everyone conforming to agree that the current president and all his clergy should step down before the blow up the earth and only the privileged predecessors go into space with their rocket ships and further destroy the galaxies is impossible

Its impossible to make art without selling your soul

and its

Its impossible

to live without